Pr. Guy A Rutter
United Kingdom
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Day 3 - 5.00PM to 5.30PM

Changes in islet cells and insulin secretion after bariatric surgery

GAR will discuss recent results using a rodent model to explore the impact of bariatric surgery on insulin secretion and pancreatic beta cell connectivity monitored prospectively through intravital imaging of islets engrafted into the anterior chamber of the eye.

Short biography

Professor Guy Rutter heads the Section of Cell Biology and Functional Genomics in the Department of Medicine, and the Network of Excellence in Diabetes, at Imperial College London. A Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator and former Royal Society Wolfson Merit Award holder, Rutter is supported by Programme and Experimental Challenge grants from the MRC and Diabetes UK, and by the European Commission (Horizon 2020; Rhapsody).

His research focusses on diabetes mellitus and on developing new means to enhance insulin secretion in Type 2 diabetes. He studies the fundamental signalling pathways regulating this process, deploying knowledge flowing from genome-wide and other genetic studies, complemented by state-of-the-art technologies ranging from mouse models through genome editing, electrophysiology, super-resolution imaging, optogenetics, transcriptomics and proteomics. 

After studying for a PhD on mitochondrial Ca2+ signalling in Bristol with Richard Denton FRS, Rutter began studying the pancreatic β-cell as an MRC travelling Fellow with Claes Wollheim in Geneva. With Tullio Pozzan and Rosario Rizzuto in Padua, he established new approaches to explore the control of insulin release at the single cell level through the use of recombinant targeted probes. He returned from Switzerland in 1993 and joined Imperial College in 2006. 

Rutter has served on the UK MRC’s Population Systems and Medicine Board, the NIH’s Human Islet Research Network Expert Advisory Panel, the Grant Advisory and Fellowship Interview panels for Diabetes UK and the Counseil de Recherche for the Societe Francophone du Diabete. Prizes awarded include the Minkowski Prize of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's Mary Jane Krugel Award, and the Dorothy Hodgkin Lectureship of Diabetes UK and most recently the EASD Albert Renold Prize in 2020.